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Spit Roast Caterers - Click here

an imageCatering for your party with Spit Roasts
Serves you a wide variety of meat from chicken, pork, beef, lamb and turkey and also provides you vegetable finger food and cocktail food for every vegetarian person and might as well for non-vegetarian person for they will be tempt to taste such delicious food that we could offer. We cater food for any occasion such as cocktail parties, birthdays and any gatherings that will happen in the future. Contact us and we will work of your choice.

Fingerfood Catering - click here

an imageVariety of finger food
We have 60 items for you to choose from. Here at Spit Roast Hire you will be able to pick and make your own menu and you’ll be able to know right away the amount that you will pay. This will give you convenient and you will know that you are still on your budget. It’s a wise choice to make.

And if you are in hurry and you only have one week to prepare for the upcoming event let our Chef help on choosing.  We have our Chef’s specialty that we could offer with an affordable price.

Christmas Caterers - click here

an imageGet ready in time for Christmas Parties
Party like Christmas Party is a great party for everyone and with this kind of party expects a great crowd, but whether it’s a great crowd or not we can manage. It’s not a problem because we offer a buffet style of finger food and cocktail food that you and your guests will enjoy.

Check out our extra services with an affordable fee like our chef, waiters/waitresses and bar staffs for they will help you during that busy day.

Catering for Office Functions - click here

an imageOffice Party Menus
Spit Roast Hire serves you Platter and Hot & Cold finger food for a possible gathering in your office like corporate meeting, convention, and even family gathering will do. We deliver food at your convenience, anywhere in Australia. Check out our wide range of menus that we offer, pick and choose and we will do our work with the help of our Professional Chefs in town.

Catering for Weddings- click here

an imageWedding Menus
Work with us on that unforgettable day of your life. We will serve you a one of a kind experience of catering service. Whether you wanted a cocktail party, a sit down meal or an elegant buffet we will give you a satisfaction guaranteed on that day. Contact us and come up with a perfect and creative menu of your own.


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